An analysis of using technology in pharmaceutical companies foxmeyer

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McKesson Corporation

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essential for companies to evolve and adapt if they are to survive and succeed. Since the ’s there have been huge advances in computing technology and software.

ERP Implementation at FoxMeyer Drugs Essay

Labeler Contact List of Pharmaceutical Companies Name Labeler # Contact Corp. Addr.1 Addr.2 Addr.3 City State Zip Phone 3M PHARMACEUTICALS LEE LIND 3M PHARMACEUTICALS 3M CENTER - BLDG W Name Labeler # Contact Corp.

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The Company's domestic pharmaceutical and medical-surgical distribution operations supply pharmaceuticals, health and beauty care products, and medical and surgical products to independent and chain pharmacies, hospitals, alternate- site health care facilities, food stores and mass merchandisers in all 50 the names Economost(R) and Econolink(R) and a number of related service.

Labeler Contact List of Pharmaceutical Companies - MaineCare PDL

For example, Foxmeyer Drug, a $5 billion company and at the time fourth largest drug wholesaler in USA, filed bankruptcy in because of the failure of a $65m ERP implementation (Scott ).

Information Technology directors from success factors to ensure smooth introduction for successful ERP implementation in Malaysian manufacturing organization. In addition, organizational resistance extreme is the Texas based USD5 billion pharmaceutical distributor FoxMeyer Drug, where the company collapsed by a failed ERP system.

An analysis of using technology in pharmaceutical companies foxmeyer
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